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    Cathleen Morgan for School Board District 7 We Must... Do More, Do Better, Do it Differently

Who is Cathleen Morgan

I am not an educator.

  • My first job was working for a New York investment bank.
  • I acquired an MBA, Corporate Finance, and moved to the premier commercial bank on Wall Street.
  • My successful career was built on the personal attributes of problem-solver, change agent, team player, strong leader, and effective manager.
  • Research on high-performing school districts shows that high-performing school boards have strong representation of non-educational professionals.

My passion for public education comes from school board experience.

  • As Lee County School Board member representing District 3, I have advocated for quality governance, strategic educational and operational planning, financial planning and program accountability, and more effective board engagement in student performance oversight.
  • My Masters in Education Administration was earned with the expectation there would be new opportunities for me to contribute to public education in the areas of management and administration.
  • Elected to two terms on a school board in another state, I served two years as Board Vice-President and two years as Board President. I came to appreciate how important public education is to the future of our democracy and to the U.S. economy. I also began to appreciate the difficult challenge we face to change education cultures in the 21st century.

I continue to learn as a member of the Lee County School Board.

Interaction with teachers, principals and district administrators, attendance at School Board meetings and participation on Board and community committees — District Advisory, District Quality Improvement, Head Start Policy Council, Continuous Systemic Improvement, The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools, and Horizon Council — convince me that the District has enormous potential to change the trajectory of educational outcomes for even the most challenged students.







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My goals and vision

Public education is critical to the health of our democracy and to the economic stability of our nation; it prepares children to live in a global environment as self-reliant, socially responsible adults. As a public institution, the School District of Lee County must provide a fiscally responsible educational program consistent with their expectations and responsive to student needs and abilities.

My Goals

Quality Governance by implementing structures and processes to ensure that each student achieves their highest personal potential.

Grade level student competence in English/Language Arts and Mathematics

Responsible budget and financial long term planning

Enhance leadership and governing potential, increasing interaction with community members.

Facilitate focused and effective board with a unified mission and vision.

My Vision

For Children: A child centered learning process in a resource rich teaching and learning environment.

For Schools: A teaching and learning culture that supports initiative and creativity in the classroom.

For Taxpayers: A positive return on their investment in Lee County Public Schools–all students graduate with 21st Century skills for life and work.

For Families: Engage family involvement, and build community partners in support of our students’ success.

My Qualifications

MBA, Corporate Finance

M.Ed., Education Administration

Management experience in investment and commercial banking

Current Lee County School Board member representing District 3

Active participant in community organizations supporting services to children

Previous School Board experience in a high-performing school district with a high performing governance team

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We Must… Do More, Do Better, and Do It Differently

  • Match education goals to the needs of all students
  • Hire, develop, and retain quality teachers
  • Assess the effectiveness of teaching and learning programs
  • Audit District Operations for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Restructure education resources
  • Allocate teaching, technology, class time, and space according to student needs and district student achievement goals
  • Set measurable learning goals for every child and hold the district leadership accountable for learning outcomes
  • Challenge conventional wisdom about what’s right and what works
  • I don’t want to tell educators how to do their job. I want to support them in their efforts to do it better.

For the past four years, I have been an outspoken advocate for education initiatives that demonstrably improve student achievement and for budget and finance practices that improve district budget and finance accountability. While we have outstanding schools and quality education professionals in many schools, transformative change is needed to tackle our most difficult and demanding problems–poverty and the lack of literacy foundation for students entering public schools; integration of non-English speaking students into the school system.

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